Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Digital Copies: Shreed 'em up in your Shreeder!

Watching THE BIRDS on TV this morning, I thought perhaps there might be a Vox Plops gem on Amazon for this oft-maligned Hitchcock film. Oh, boy, was I right. But that review led me to an even better one. Bobby P. of Springfield MA has a recurring issue (aside from his love of Josh Groban). Here's his review of THE BIRDS:

What is that, I haven't a Clue to what that is?, May 29, 2011
This review is from: The Birds (Collector's Edition) (DVD)
I hate this Movie, because where I'm concerned, this is Extreamly to Spokey / Scarry to be watching. But if your the type of person who Craves / Loves Scarry Films, then and only then is this Movie for you. If your like me where you Don't like them, then all I can say is DON'T watch it, it could give you Nightmares if your NOT Carefull!

Poetic bad grammar, including the headline. What's even more amusing is that when I checked out this person's other reviews on Amazon, more than half of his seven pages of reviews had the same header: "What is that, I haven't a Clue to what that is?" In some cases, it's especially amusing as the item in question is a bucket or a saucepan. Turns out it was a reference to the digital copy included in his copy of MAMMA MIA!, which didn't play on his DVD player or his Blu-Ray:

I like this movie, but the one thing that I can't figure out is what is a Digital Copy; I have tried to play it in both the Regular AND the Blue-Ray DVD Players and it Doesn't even work, so I haven't a clue to why the Manufactoring Companies insist on putting something in when it doesn't even work. If and only if it's meant for the Computer, then why don't these Manufacting Companies say that its for the Computer. I HATE Guessing Games, and these Manufactoing Companies insist on playing Guessing Games with people that know Practiclly Nothing when it comes to such things as a Digital Copy of Any Movie. If these editodic Fool Harded Companies are going to insist in putting these Digital Copies in with Movies, then in my own Opinion, I would have to say that these Companies / Business's MUST also Include Instrctions in just how Exactley these Digital Copies are to Work and are to be Played! But will these Compnaies / Business's Include Extreamly Simplafied Instructions in how to go about the Playing of these DIgital Copies, NO they Won't, so why are they Waisting Everyone's Time and Money by Including a Digital Copy of some Movies, when a Percentage { % } of the Worlds Population is 100 % Clueless in how these Digital Copies Work and are to be Played?
So what I do with ALL Digital Copies of any movie that I get, I Shreed it Up in my Shreeder, for the reason's because One { 1 } it doesn't work, and secondly { 2ndly } I haven't any ideaa to how it is supposed to be played! So why should I go waisting Money and Space for something that I haven't any idea to how it is to be played AND how it works.

That guy's shreeder is going to get awfully busy...