Thursday, February 2, 2012

BLUE VELVET is not about Roy Orbinson

This review is from: BLUE VELVET (Special Edition) (DVD)
I thought I was going to see something of Roy Orbinson. It was only in the title of the name. I could not watch it when it became vulgar with offensive material. It is too bad to have a good story with great actors lowering its potentially good quality with such degrading vulgarity. There are better ways of getting this aspect of the story across with such depiction. Silly me, I should have checked the rating. I "assumed" it safe as it would involve our beloved Roy Orbinson. I was sadly and horridly disappointed and cannot in conscience recommend it to anyone at anytime. By the way, I destroyed the tape in good conscience. Watch at your own eternal risk.

Okay, so the woman got Roy Orbison and Bobby Vinton mixed up, that can happen. I still see her point. The same thing happened to me in 1986 when I went to the theater to see what I ASSUMED was a documentary about the Psychendelic Furns.

The Pennsylvania lady who wrote this review turns out (via her other Amazon reviews) to be a very Catholic woman who felt THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST "is a best movie ever, due to its very nature of the truth and its pure and holy presentation. It is the most important movie, consequently. It behooves us to rate it a "five-star" and a grace to whom does it. God bless you. Thank you." She is not, however, a fan of Sally Hansen White Nail Pencils. Or David Lynch.