Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BLACK CHRISTMAS: "Halloween is the first slasher not this slasher"

This review is from: Black Christmas (DVD)
Halloween is the verry first slasher this movie is terrible now i know you are going to stop readind and press no but just listen to me for you people that say halloween owes alot to this movie you can kiss my ass halloween is an original masterpiece that started slashers and the only movie halloween owes to is hitchcock films because john carpenter used hitchcock techniuqes and as soon as halloween came out a million imatators came out no one even knows about this trash and for you people that say the killer in this movie is diffrent than michel myers and jason HOW DARE YOU compare michal to jason and michael is a force of naature this guy is just a wack job.the pov scene in halloween came from china town but other than that halloween was an idea fom irbin yablons who asked john to direct it halloween is the very first slasher and dose not owe sh*t to this trash and was a completley original story it did not copy it got coppied halloween is the absolute verry first slasher that 95% of horror and thrillers you see now a days owe it to halloween not this trash it is not even a slasher halloween is the very first slasher and that is a fact.
POSTED on AMAZON.COM, March 2005

Wow, this guy is pretty passionate about his favorite film, and apparently subscribes to the theory that time is not linear, hence HALLOWEEN is the very first slasher and that is a fact.

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