Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework...

Comics Journalist Heidi MacDonald highlighted this little story from (a site I normally don't visit, believe it or not) about a shirt for sale on JC Penney's website. The sweatshirt, for girls, is emblazoned with the line, "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me."

I know, right? The message is just hideous on every level. Pretty = Dumb. Homework is for Ugly People. Girls shouldn't have to do work. On top of that, the thing is fuckin' ugly.

Well, after the story was posted on Today's website, Penney pulled the item and issued an apology (man, I would hate to be the buyer who picked that item, and not just because I would thereby be a moron who probably never liked to do homework).

But what's gotten this on VOX PLOPS isn't just the story in and of itself, it's also—you guessed it—the absolutely moronic comments on the TODAYMoms article.

A few choice tidbits from the masses:

Lisa R says (via Facebook):
Oh my god get over it. It is just a shirt. This country is so sensitive about things.
This comment gets the Thumbs Up LIKE by 41 of her friends, and one of them comments:
I 100% agree with you Lisa!! It's a shirt, I don't know why people feel like they need to over-dramatize everything!

Richard B says,
I think it would be a good guy gift.

Andrew R. from Winstead, AZ says to suck it up:
It's the same schtick you see on any number of shirts this time of year. My boys have all sorts of them that say they can't do homework because of video games, or that something was their brother's or sister's fault, or that they'll get to it "after one more level..." Stop having such thin skins.

Kathy R. thinks it's much ado about nothing!:
Oh my goodness... It's just silly kid shirt, and I have read much worse! I don't know why people feel like they need to over-dramatize, take that energy and make positive thing's happen around you..quit complaining! geeze

Erik C, like so many others, misses the point:
Seriously. People are in a flap about a benign tee shirt a kid wears? If you don't want your child to wear it, do the crazy thing and act like a parent and say no. But please, you have no right to say no for my child.

People objecting to this shirt aren't saying that you shouldn't be allowed to buy it. They're not saying the company doesn't have the right to manufacture it. They're saying that it's pathetically sad that it was ever made in the first place and that someone at one of the nation's largest retailers thought it was a good idea to put it into their stores. I despise Political Correctness. But how anyone can defend this shirt is beyond me. Objecting to this piece of shit is not Political Correctness, it's just... correct.


  1. Lisa R is also upset that the government is telling schools that they can't have a morning prayer session. Get over it, Lisa R!!

  2. Perhaps JCPenny should print up shirts that say, "I'm Too Pretty to Have a Prayer Session."