Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Happened: "i have to do a book report"

These reviews are for Something Happened by Joseph Heller

for those of you out there who have read this book, i would like to say doing a 10 page comparison of this book and Catch 22 is the most annoying thing...ever. Tip for those of you in Mrs. Jens class do not pick these books, the only information you will find is on Catch 22.
Posted on Amazon, February 13, 2005

A reader named Porkchop added:
I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who had to do this English assignment. I have a degree in English, love both books beyond reason, and would never go NEAR that assignment.
Posted on Amazon, February 20, 2008

At first I thought this was a plea for help, a con to get someone to do his assignment for him. But now I realize that it's like the warning of a dying man: "Don't do as I've done. It's not worth it. Please learn from my mistakes."

Something Happened is a dense, repetitive, and deliberately monotonous novel. There's a reason you won't find much information about it. The teacher really should have warned the kid when they took on the assignment.

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