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PSYCHO: "a cross dresser kills"

a cross dresser kills, October 18, 2004
This review is from: Psycho
this is so stupid i could puke!a movie based on the exploits of ed gaines.hes also the inspiration for red dragon and some other silence of the lambs.hes the guy in texas chainsaw massacre.norman bates is only created from ed.norman runs this hotel and kills whoever comes there.his dead mom is in his head encouraging him all the way.he thinks hes a chick and even dresses up like one to kill.not for the kids unless youd like them to have aids.cross dressing and prison can both point you in the right direction if thats something youre interested not.f!2k that!its obviously a horror fact,theres the famous shower scene where he hacks this chick up in a shower.dont get your hopes up,theres no nudity,only a silloutte of the 2 bodies and tiny little spatter of was the most violent scene in the world at the time.theres a quote that kind of got some recognition.morman says"we all go a little crazy sometimes".thats scary to think about.theres plenty of sequels.the last one i saw showed norman as a child abuse victim as a just doesnt get any better does it?it is considered by many[not me i think it sucks]to be the greatest horror film ever.well,i can name many way better ones like childs play,a nightmare on elm st,friday the 13th,halloween,hellraiser,the all time greatest-the shining-truckloads of zombie just sucks.(...)
POSTED on AMAZON.COM, October 2004

My favorite comment: "not for the kids unless youd like them to have aids." Remember, AIDS can only be transferred by the exchange of bodily fluids or watching old Alfred Hitchcock films! Also, it was a total drag that you couldn't see Marion's boobies in the shower scene. What a rip off.

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  1. But does this person cite Hellraiser or The Shining as"the all-time greatest"? Kinda complicates things if they mean the Shining, doesn't it?