Thursday, August 11, 2011

God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything: "I pray for you. :-("

This review is from: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens
I am the least bit interested in reading this book. Unfortunately, I came across the book online on another website and had to leave my comment here. WHAT A WASTE OF TREES!!! THIS BOOK SHOULD BE BANNED!!! It is such a shame that people continue to TRY to disprove the existence of God and do not acknowledge THE ONE AND ONLY LORD JESUS CHRIST. I will only address this once because I am not here to debate with you on the existence of God,his glory and love , etc. YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY IF THIS IS REVEALED TO YOU, NOT BY THE MERE HUMAN (LIMITED )BRAIN , BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD TOUCHING YOU. Hopefully, people will wake up and acknowledge the great things he has in store and not continue to disregard him. Take the blinders off your eyes and Jesus's love will be revealed and poured upon you. In return you will have peace and joy in your hearts, and will not waste your time spreading negativity and brainwashing people with this garbage you call literature. I wish those who are lost to find their way, and I pray for you. :-(
POSTED on AMAZON.COM, July, 2007

This was posted purely because of the sad face emoticon the author put at the end of the review. Genius.

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  1. God has many definitions, but the most imporant one is 'He is in your heart, so know yourself.' The belief that God is a magic button to be pressed at times of emergencies, is not religion. Every religious and secular mystic of note has defined him as The Plateau of our highest achievementof excellence. Any religion that believes in the magic button God does not practice godly attributes. Our highest excellent tenets consist of God, and therefore He is Great.