Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green Lantern post-credits scene: "Fite the green"

There's probably no more depressing repository of ignorance and stupidity than YouTube. No doubt that's because the postings are by people who use the internet to watch more Tee-Vee than do that thing, oh, what's it called... you know, the brain thing with the words.... READING. That's it!

The following are just a few posts that followed a video of the post-credits sequence from GREEN LANTERN (so few people saw it, even fewer sat through the end credits) that teased Sinestro embracing the power of the Yellow ring.

MrMicropimpin' notes:
on the second one is gonna b dope cuz thats wen we gonna c sinestro fite the green l but he doesnt hav fear so y does it work on him n wat wud happen if he had both on wat wud his suit look lik n him

to which whoregay responds:
@MrMicropimpin Yes. "Fite". Jesus, I wonder what part of the fucking cell block your father was from.

Ohhh, MrMicropimpin' didn't like that:
@whoregay y u gotta start some shit over the net u fucking bitch i bet u wudnt say that to my face cuz i wud "fight" u n woop ur ass u fag n my dad wasnt part of no cell block but i bet u were matter of fact u were in every cell block every cell giving the guy inmates some oral pleasure wit a youtube name whoregay u must of enjoy sucking dick n getting fuck in the ass in prison u faggett ass nigga, get the fuck outta here u big quir

MrMicropimpin' continues his onslaught against another YouTube naysayer who questions his sexuality and grammar skills (or should I say skillz):
u no for a loser who stays on youtube beating his 1cm dick wit tweezers to gay porn (yo mom told me wen i fucked her) wud reply quicker but wat u expect from someone who eats dick for a living n i think i wont go back to the second grade but u need to go back to kindergarten to b taught on how to suck dick cuz didnt u go to a fag school but thats only if u tyrnna b a pro in the sucking dick gay boy business lik yo mom is at suckin me n my potnas dick cuz i got that hoe on a leash

Somewhat more on topic, Danzinnyman notes:
HOLLY SHIT i did not see that when i saw the movie cuz i went with a chick so she wanted to like not stay till after the credits thats awesome that there gonna do sinestro corps i wonder if there going to have like kyle rayner, guy gardner, ion spectre john stewart and the blue ring like when hal jordan goes green and blue lanter style

nickb comments, with an unsurprising lack of self-awareness:
And learn to type with some fucking grammer....Jesus people

axayd doesn't seem to grasp how these movies are made:
hopefully they wont use too many special effects innn the sequel... i mean, why would u want to do special effects on the earths sky and make it look pink?

And, finally (I wish), rgarcia99 sums up most posters' feelings with this haiku:
its gonna be gay green lantern sucks dick the movie a part 2 rather reboot

POSTED on YouTube, July-August 2011

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