Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bullet-Proof Logic

An item on Deadline.com about the impending movie adaptation of ultra-conservative thriller writer Brad Thor's book The Athena Project spurred comments both pro and con, but this reply regarding one poster's negative remarks struck me as VP-worthy (that's Vox Plops, not vice president):

People like you always make me laugh if he is such a bad writer then why are they making a movie about his book? And why is everyone of his books bestsellers? I mean it seems to me you are just a mad liberal who needs to get over it your political views are now in the minority so get over it. Brad Thor is a great writer and I’ve read every book he’s wrote and pray to god he writes more. So this is my plea…GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!

Yes, because everyone knows popular equals good (just as foolproof a metric as unpopular equals bad). Still, I love the passion (if not punctuation).

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